Phil Stool is a transparent stool that can be customized with liquid.

Made in plastic, the stool has a hole that allows it to be filled as if it was a bottle. Phil holds 6 liters of liquid which will determine the final look of the stool.

Pile aims to highlight the value of play in a simple object like a candle holder. It is a pack made of several pieces of wooden off cuts. As the pieces come from scraps, the kind of wood, the thickness and the color vary, making each pack unique.

Tube Toys stop motion is a short video that explains the story of Oscar Diaz´s product. During two days, the graphic designer Marta Gui and me worked to create something handmade and fun that would suit the spirit of the Tube Toys.

Watch the video here.

C´mon, we are not that bad is an advertising campaign for a food market that encourages kids to eat vegetables. These posters inform about funny facts of the most hated.

De(a)fecto puts in evidence the value of experiencing the objects.
The debilitation of the object causes a more intense relation with the owner.